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Songstarr Bandaoke


If you fancy singing along to a live band, you'll love Songstarr Bandaoke!


We have a catalogue of over 500 songs to be played live by our professional band. Lyrics are displayed on a screen and you shall feel the glory of being a singing superstar.


We have performed at The Brit, Parkstone and The Crown Hotel, Blandford and are available for private and public bookings.

Sound Demos
What you get

When you book Songstarr Bandaoke, you get a professional four-piece band including compere. The band is fully contained with PA and all the gear needed.


The band can play four or five songs at the start of the night to get things going. If no-one signs up to sign with us, we'll keep playing all night anyway!

Booking form

Let us know what songs you'd fancy singing if they're not in our catalogue by emailing me ( Here's a copy of the ticket that you fill in on the night to request a song:

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