Blandford Ukulele Group

BUG teaches people to play the ukulele!

Please see our Facebook page for current information.

7-8pm Baby BUG: This is the starting place for everyone new to making music.


8-9pm Big BUG: This is the regular group.

9-10pm Advanced BUG: Further techniques. 

All attendees are free to stay for all or any sessions during an evening for £5.

We play almost any performance we’re asked to do, so please ask if you’d like us at your event. All participation by group members is voluntary but encouraged!

Tuning Up

A decent tuner costs about £6 on Amazon. Smartphone apps are often free but I generally recommend a clip-on tuner since it will pick up the instrument's vibrations even in a noisy room. This video is good too: (it's great for ear-training):


These are our staple songbooks at BUG. They're freely available from the Worthing Ukulele website. Thanks to Wukulele for compiling them!

These books are pretty good. The songs appear to all be in the original keys which means that some of the arrangements have some tricky chords. But where else would you find decent sheets for "Come On Eileen" and "That's Not My Name"?

Pretty good!

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Buying a uke

t I recommend buying new and trying instruments out before you buy. The Southern Ukulele Store in Boscombe has a great range (tell them you're part of a uke group to get a discount), Absolute Music in Bournemouth, or Harmony Music in Dorchester.

If you have a very cheap uke, change the strings for about a fiver: Aquila Nylguts are good.