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I currently teach about forty piano students a week, almost all individually and mostly piano with some electric keyboards and church organ.

I hope to help people express their emotions through sound.


Please contact me to arrange a free taster lesson!

Owning a piano

Ideally this should be acoustic (stringed) or, if not, a digital piano. Smaller keyboards are OK to start with, although learning "keyboard" is a slightly different study to piano.

For Sale

I recommend purchasing a piano from a dealer that knows their stock. If you decide to buy privately, have a tuner/repairer check the instrument out beforehand. I can recommend some Dorset-based professionals for this.


I use ABRSM and Trinity Rock and Pop exam boards and also Trinity and Rockschool, supporting both in-person and prerecorded submission.

Method books

Ying Ying Ng

Poco Piano

Lovely book for young beginners.

Kreader, Kern, Keveren & Rejino

Hal Leonard's Adult Piano Method

This is a great series for learners aged 12 upwards. It encourages playing by ear as well as hand positioning anywhere on the keyboard, both from the beginning.

John Thompson

John Thompson's Easiest Piano Book

Very good book for young beginners (4-10). I learnt with this series.

Edna-Mae Burnam

Dozen A Day

Excellent technical books that accompany any tuition book. Crazy stick-men drawings abound!


Practice notebook

Any compact, tough notebook will do, but I recommend this one ("My Music Practice Book") since it is formatted specifically for music lessons.


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