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Theory tuition


I teach theory up to grade eight and it's an essential part of teachings.

Books I recommend

6pm most Fridays on Zoom. Come join us! The current cohort is finishing grade three (Nov '21), so if more want to join we'll start at the very beginning!

What is theory of music?

Theory of music can be thought of as everything that can be transferred from instrument to another, rather than particular to the playing your particular one. It covers things like harmony, rhythm, notation and pitch.

Music Theory for Young Children Book One

Ying Ying Ng

This book is loved by lots of my younger students for its colourful images and abstract quizzes.


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ABRSM Theory past papers


Very useful in the run-up to a theory exam in conjunction with one of the tuition books listed.


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Music Theory for Young Musicans Grade 1

Ying Ying Ng

Very good, book, attractively presented. Each book comprises tuition and testing.


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Music Theory in Practice, Grade 1

Eric Taylor

Excellent workbook, though perhaps a little dry. Requires the AB Guide to Music Theory, Vol. I.


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The AB Guide to Music Theory Vol 1

Eric Taylor

Very comprehensive guidebook to the first five grades of theory as required by the ABRSM exams. You won't be asked anything that isn't covered by this book.


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The Oxford Companion to Music

Percy A. Scholes

Not strictly a book about theory but rather a personal description of pretty much every describable aspect of music (well, in the so-called "classical" sense). My favourite book to dip into! Very funny as well - sardonic and trenchant.

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