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Setting up this website

I'm trying out Wix, the website builder, to replace my current website. I made the current one with Dreamweaver, where it took me a long time to make something rather mediocre. A website builder should give me something that looks professional and is easy to edit and reasonably priced, especially considering that the builder hosts the site and provides the software as part of the monthly cost.

Let's see how it goes!

I'm going to try setting it up on Squarespace too to see how they compare.

No more typing <p> or messing around with's a win already!

Despite that early victory, Wix is irritating me on a couple of points: 1) My first blog post and a News item seem to have vanished (I don't believe I pressed the delete key, and hadn't noticed them disappear during editing); and 2) Editing is quite a sluggish process, but that may well be down to my lowly, aged PC rather than the in-browser editor.

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