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The new addition to the instrument family: a Korg Kronos!

My beloved Fantom-X was pretty much on its last legs due to about eight years' worth of intensive use live and in the studio. The egg cracking open on the sequencer controls during a panto didn't help. It needed retiring. I have obtained a Korg Kronos and it's wonderful. There are some limitations but nothing insurmountable, and the good points are great. I could not find a better instrument for my studio and live needs. Doubtless, soft synths are way more powerful, but I've yet to find any computer-based method of making music that doesn't intrude on my workflow. A workstation keyboard is designed to just let me make music without distraction.

So... I'm very happy! It's quite a beast and there's an awful lot to get my head round (FM synthesis, artificial modelling, the sampler & sequencer, Karma, a whole Poly-Six and MS-20, as well as the modelled pianos, EPs & Hammonds). The fact those last three are last on that list pretty much explains why I didn't end up with a Nord, which I've enjoyed playing, but seems somewhat overpriced for the spec.

I hope to be using the keyboard a lot and can't imagine being bored with it for a long time to come. Get one!

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